Grade 3: Tints and Shades Self-Portraits

Third graders mixed tints and shades to create these fabulous self-portraits.  We did this project after I saw my friend Mrs. Haney do the same with her third graders.  The students received an 8×10 xerox print of their photograph.  We then studied how to make tints (add white) and how to mix shades (add black).  They looked at their photographs to determine where the tints and shades would go.  As students mixed tints and shades they discovered they could change the lightness or darkness of a color by adding more or less white or black.  They in turn, created their own value scale on their self-portrait.

What a challenging project! But they did a great job!!

Mrs. Custer


Grade 6: Linoleum Self-Portraits

Sixth grade students used linoleum cutting techniques to create a self-portrait print.  Aren’t they fabulous?!  They worked really hard on drawing themselves realistically and emphasized where shadows and highlights hit the face.  Here is a student carefully carving their linoleum:

Here is a student using a brayer for the printing process:

I think the sixth grade deserves a big pat on the back for tackling this medium.  It was a challenge but each student tried their best and completed successful projects.  Great job!

Mrs. Custer