Grade 6: Linoleum Self Portraits

Sixth graders made these wonderful prints after carving a 6×6″ piece of linoleum. Students worked from a photograph to help capture details of their face.  They carefully carved around the shadows and lines of their facial features, leaving the shadows alone so they’d print black.

They did a fabulous job on this challenging project!

Mrs. Custer


Grade 6: Linoleum Self-Portraits

Sixth grade students used linoleum cutting techniques to create a self-portrait print.  Aren’t they fabulous?!  They worked really hard on drawing themselves realistically and emphasized where shadows and highlights hit the face.  Here is a student carefully carving their linoleum:

Here is a student using a brayer for the printing process:

I think the sixth grade deserves a big pat on the back for tackling this medium.  It was a challenge but each student tried their best and completed successful projects.  Great job!

Mrs. Custer

Grade 6: Linoleum-cut self-portraits

Sixth graders in Mr. Scesney’s class worked from an expressive photograph to create these fabulous linoleum block prints.  Students carved the negative space with linoleum cutters – making sure to carve safely.  They printed their linoleum blocks with acrylic ink on paper personally selected by the artist.  I think each print was a success and  showcased the artistic talent at Vienna Elementary.

Mrs. Custer