You can submit artwork for your chance to be a  featured artist on this blog!  The artwork must be created by a student in grades K-6.  Teachers, parents, or the student themselves may digitally submit the art to Mrs. Custer.

When you submit a digital file, I assume you asked permission from the student and the guardians.

No Last Names- Please make sure the student’s last name is not visible on the artwork.   just initials (Kyle C., Lauren K., Ella S., etc.)

How to Submit:
1. Send jpg files to or
2. Include the artist name, age, grade, and teacher (if applicable), and title of work.
3. Optional: a sentence or two about the art by the artist.  Remember, this will be a blog post, so writing an artist statement would be a nice feature!!

Mrs.Custer reserves the right to pick which artwork to post on the web.
Mrs.Custer reserves the right to save your artwork for the future.

thanks, you’re the best!

Mrs. Custer


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