Looking forward to a fantastic year at VRES



Grade 5: Castle sculptures!







Fifth graders created these amazing castle sculptures after learning several clay techniques. To begin, students were given a slab of clay- which is a flat piece of clay. They used clay tools to subtract windows and doors, making sure to save their extra clay for details like drawbridges and moats.

After the basic shape was determined, students formed their slabs into cylinders and welded the seam. They incised bricks/stones onto the surface to make their castles more realistic.

We fired the finished sculptures and then they used black, white, and silver colors to paint their castles.

Great job 5th grade!

Come to the Art Walk this Thursday from 5:00-7:00pm




Our annual Art Walk is this Thursday, June 12th, from 5:00-7:00pm.  Students have worked so hard preparing artwork for this exhibit. Please bring the whole family as artwork from grades K-6th will be represented.  There will also be ice cream served in the cafeteria.  Yum!  

The image above is a sneak peak from one of our sculpture displays……How cool are these 1st grade donuts?

I hope to see you there!


Grade 1: Landscape collage





First graders looked at the art of Eric Carle and analyzed how he created his famous collages. Similar to Carle’s process, first graders painted several papers with many textures and colors. Once dry, they used the papers as pieces for a landscape collage – making sure to add items on the land and in the sky.

Excellent collage techniques first grade!

Grade 4: Coil Pots





Fourth graders sculpted these AMAZING coil pots using hand building techniques. Students rolled out the coils, added slip (watered down clay) when needed, and attached handles or incised decoration. Once fired, students chose colors for their glaze. Didn’t they turn out great?!

Wonderful job 4th grade!
Mrs. Custer

Grade 2: Animals in my community





Second graders painted animals found in their communities. We used 18×24″ bogus paper for these large, colorful paintings and discussed how paintings happen in layers- with details added last. I especially like how the second graders filled the papers with paint!

Mrs. Custer

Welcome Back!


Welcome to the 2013/2014 school year at Virginia Run Elementary School!  I look forward to all the art projects and ideas that will come out of the art room this year.

This year for back to school night, Ms. Lopez and I had each student in grades K-6 create a full-body self portrait.  We displayed all the self-portraits together.  I like how each student’s self-portrait is different and that several students took the time to add details.  If you look closely, you might see a student walking their dog, or a student holding a football.  It was a great first day of Art project!

Mrs. Custer


Grade 4: Expressive Suns

The fourth graders drew expressive suns using warm and cool colors.  They blended the colors with oil pastels and were encouraged to design a background.  Their finished artworks became part of VRES’s fundraiser: Original Works.  I hope the students enjoyed their products!

Mrs. Custer

Grade 1: Spring Gardens

First graders created spring gardens using oil pastels and watercolors.  This is called a watercolor resist because the pastels resist the paint and show through the design.  They worked hard to “plant” their gardens using their imaginations.

Mrs. Custer