Grade 4 Coil Pots

Fourth grade students created these fantastic pots from clay using well-crafted coils.  In one art class, they sketched designs for the overall “look” of their pot and practiced sculpting using modeling clay.  In a second art class, they used white clay to combine the coils for their sculpture.  After the pots dried and were fired, the students selected no more than two glazes to paint the surface.  Limiting the color palette helped accentuate the detail of their sculptures.  I think this project produced great results!  Awesome job 4th grade!!

Mrs. Custer

Kindergarten: Pinch pot Owls!

Kindergarten students learned 3D clay techniques to sculpt an owl.  The students first made a pinch pot with red clay.  Then they added eyes, a nose, and pinched the clay to form triangle ears.  They added texture and details using a paper clip.  The owls received a thin coat of glaze for shine.  Didn’t they do a great job?

Mrs. Custer

Grade 4: Wire Sculptures

Fourth graders used wire to create figures in motion.  Students learned how to twist and sculpt the wire into a human form.  This was a challenge!  For many students, this was their first experience using wire.  Then, they positioned their figure into an action pose.  Students also created a setting for their sculpture -providing more detail for the viewer. 

I especially enjoyed watching the fourth graders use problem solving skills when the wire wouldn’t cooperate.  They had to figure out how to bend and twist the wire in order to make their sculpture balanced – and this was not an easy task.  Great job fourth grade!

Mrs. Custer