Grade 6: Tunnel Books

Sixth graders were asked the question, “If you could have a super power, what would it be?”  Then, they were asked to draw themselves as a super hero.  The results were extremely imaginative.

Once their super hero was drawn, the students crafted tunnel books from paper, dividing them into three parts: foreground, middleground, and background.  Students discussed several details they could add to their tunnel book such as the setting, or headquarters; a trusty sidekick; and a vehicle or mode of transportation.  Some students continued thinking outside the box and made very detailed tunnel books.

I especially enjoy how each tunnel book tells a story.  Great job sixth grade!

Mrs. Custer


Grade 1: Bird Masks

First grade students created a bird mask using paper sculpture techniques.  We discussed how to turn paper into 3D forms just by cutting and folding shapes!  The first graders worked really hard making their masks unique and full of detail.  Do you like how a few of the birds are eating worms?

Mrs. Custer

Grade 1: Animal Masks

Ms. Forman’s first grade class created paper sculpture masks of animals they would love to have as pets.  It was a challenge to cut, fold, and glue the three dimensional paper forms but the students did an excellent job with problem solving.