Kindergarten: When I grow up

I asked my kindergarteners, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and received several exciting answers.  Veterinarians, police officers, paleontologists, teachers, and Moms occupied the minds of my students.  They then drew a full-body self-portrait of their future selves.  We discussed the outfits or uniforms one might wear at work and each student considered the setting for their drawing.  I especially like how this project highlights the imaginations of Kindergarteners.  Great job!

Mrs. Custer


Kindergarten: Pinch pot Owls!

Kindergarten students learned 3D clay techniques to sculpt an owl.  The students first made a pinch pot with red clay.  Then they added eyes, a nose, and pinched the clay to form triangle ears.  They added texture and details using a paper clip.  The owls received a thin coat of glaze for shine.  Didn’t they do a great job?

Mrs. Custer

Kindergarten Pumpkin patch

Kindergarten students used line, shape, and painting techniques to create their pumpkin composition.  We looked at real pumpkins and discussed their textures, forms, and color.  Some students mixed red and yellow to create their own orange, while others enhanced the shadow and highlights of their pumpkin.

These were completed on 12×12″ paper and then all were displayed in our school.  I especially love how each pumpkin is unique and expressive.  They really cheer me up as I walk down the hall!

Mrs. Custer

Kindergarten: The Parts of my Face

Kindergarten students used collage techniques to create a self-portrait.  They learned how to cut geometric shapes: circles, ovals, squares, rectangles, and triangles for details and patterns.  I love their toothy grins!

Mrs. Custer

VRES Self-portraits

K-6th grade students at VRES created self-portraits on the first day of art.  Ms. Lopez and I spelled out VRES with the square self-portraits but we still had extra squares!  We made extra banners to hang around the school and we hope you check those out too.

Can’t wait to meet the VRES families at Back to School night tonight!

Kindergarten: Self-portrait Collage

Ms. Munz’s Kindergarten Class at Vienna Elementary School created a self-portrait collage.  We practiced cutting out shapes in order to create these expressive portraits!