HomeART for the month of March

You have two options for this month’s homeART. You may complete both assignments OR choose one to turn in this month. Remember homeART is optional but it provides extra evidence when compiling art grades!

1. Draw a picture that describes a time you felt rrrrrreally lucky.

2. Create a work of art (2D or 3D), using only the color green.

Have fun,

Mrs. Custer


homeART assignments for the month of February

I am back from maternity leave and am ready to post new homeART assignments for the month of February! From now on I will post two homeART assignments per month in lieu of weekly assignments.  This way students have an ENTIRE month to complete one, or both, lessons. 

For the month of February: 

1. Illustrate an important moment in history

2. Research 3 facts about the artist Faith Ringgold

* Remember, homeART is still optional.  You can turn in homeART to Mrs. Custer on your designated art day.   

Have fun and as always, thank you for your participation!

Mrs. Custer

homeART results from weeks #5 and #6

The homeART from week five was to create a monster!!!  Here are a couple of submissions from Jessica N. in fifth grade and Erin A. in third:

For week six, students were asked to design a haunted house.  Here is Renee B.’s work:

Thank you for your participation!  The last homeART for the quarter is “free-choice” which means it is up to YOU to come up with an art idea.  Have fun!

Mrs. Custer

homeART assignment #5

For this week’s homeART assignment, create a monster!!  You can draw, paint, or use collage techniques to make your monster.  DUE: at your next art class OR by Friday, Oct. 19th.

Have fun!

Mrs. Custer

homeART results from week 3

Great job Seth M. (6th grade) and Sara A. (4th grade) for submitting homeART from week 3.  Students were asked to create a super hero.

Keep up the great work!

Mrs. Custer

homeART results from week #2

Great job Gabbie (class unknown – please provide your full name and class next time you turn in homeART! :)) and Eliana S. from Mrs. Antoncic’s class for completing a homeART assignment!  The assignment was to “design a plan for an amusement park.”

I think they did a great job using their imaginations!

Thanks for participating,

Mrs. Custer