6th Grade Radial Designs


Sixth graders created radial designs that expressed a personal interest. Many chose symbols that represented their favorite season, sport, or subject in school but mostly they worked on using the principles of design to create radial balance. Nicely done sixth graders!



Grade 6: Hero sculptures







Sixth grade students discussed the power heroes have on influencing life choices. Each student decided who they considered were their heroes. Their hero had to be a positive influence in their life. Many chose parents, siblings, and athletes. The students sculpted their heroes from clay, then used tempera paint for color once fired.
Great job sixth grade!

Grade 6: Tunnel Books

Sixth graders were asked the question, “If you could have a super power, what would it be?”  Then, they were asked to draw themselves as a super hero.  The results were extremely imaginative.

Once their super hero was drawn, the students crafted tunnel books from paper, dividing them into three parts: foreground, middleground, and background.  Students discussed several details they could add to their tunnel book such as the setting, or headquarters; a trusty sidekick; and a vehicle or mode of transportation.  Some students continued thinking outside the box and made very detailed tunnel books.

I especially enjoy how each tunnel book tells a story.  Great job sixth grade!

Mrs. Custer

Grade 6: Linoleum Self Portraits

Sixth graders made these wonderful prints after carving a 6×6″ piece of linoleum. Students worked from a photograph to help capture details of their face.  They carefully carved around the shadows and lines of their facial features, leaving the shadows alone so they’d print black.

They did a fabulous job on this challenging project!

Mrs. Custer

Grade 6: A special place

Sixth graders created a drawing of a place that is special to them.  They decided between oil pastels, crayons, or markers as their art medium.  Choosing the right art medium makes all the difference!  These were used as part of the school fundraiser.  Great job sixth graders!

Mrs. Custer

Grade 6: Linoleum Self-Portraits

Sixth grade students used linoleum cutting techniques to create a self-portrait print.  Aren’t they fabulous?!  They worked really hard on drawing themselves realistically and emphasized where shadows and highlights hit the face.  Here is a student carefully carving their linoleum:

Here is a student using a brayer for the printing process:

I think the sixth grade deserves a big pat on the back for tackling this medium.  It was a challenge but each student tried their best and completed successful projects.  Great job!

Mrs. Custer

VRES Self-portraits

K-6th grade students at VRES created self-portraits on the first day of art.  Ms. Lopez and I spelled out VRES with the square self-portraits but we still had extra squares!  We made extra banners to hang around the school and we hope you check those out too.

Can’t wait to meet the VRES families at Back to School night tonight!

Grade 6: Linoleum-cut self-portraits

Sixth graders in Mr. Scesney’s class worked from an expressive photograph to create these fabulous linoleum block prints.  Students carved the negative space with linoleum cutters – making sure to carve safely.  They printed their linoleum blocks with acrylic ink on paper personally selected by the artist.  I think each print was a success and  showcased the artistic talent at Vienna Elementary.

Mrs. Custer

Grade 6: Land Development

Mr. Scesney’s sixth grade students created these compositions after our discussion on land development.  I asked them, “What does our community need?” and, “What kinds of development would make our community better?”  They had their choice between recreational, commercial, commemorative, or residential development.

This lesson was part of our county’s sixth grade fine art assessment.  I think they did a great job.  Can you guess which type of land development they painted?