Grade 4: Weather Monotypes






Grade 4: Virginia Regions

Fourth graders chose a Virginia Region to feature in a painting.  They then used painting techniques to create the illusion of depth in their landscapes.  Students had to choose from the following regions: Blue Ridge, Valley & Ridge, Appalachian Plateau, Piedmont, or Coastal Plains.  Can you guess which region they selected?

Great job 4th grade!

Mrs. Custer

Grade 4 Coil Pots

Fourth grade students created these fantastic pots from clay using well-crafted coils.  In one art class, they sketched designs for the overall “look” of their pot and practiced sculpting using modeling clay.  In a second art class, they used white clay to combine the coils for their sculpture.  After the pots dried and were fired, the students selected no more than two glazes to paint the surface.  Limiting the color palette helped accentuate the detail of their sculptures.  I think this project produced great results!  Awesome job 4th grade!!

Mrs. Custer

Grade 4: Expressive Suns

The fourth graders drew expressive suns using warm and cool colors.  They blended the colors with oil pastels and were encouraged to design a background.  Their finished artworks became part of VRES’s fundraiser: Original Works.  I hope the students enjoyed their products!

Mrs. Custer

Grade 4: Wire Sculptures

Fourth graders used wire to create figures in motion.  Students learned how to twist and sculpt the wire into a human form.  This was a challenge!  For many students, this was their first experience using wire.  Then, they positioned their figure into an action pose.  Students also created a setting for their sculpture -providing more detail for the viewer. 

I especially enjoyed watching the fourth graders use problem solving skills when the wire wouldn’t cooperate.  They had to figure out how to bend and twist the wire in order to make their sculpture balanced – and this was not an easy task.  Great job fourth grade!

Mrs. Custer

Grade 4: Gesture Drawings

Fourth grade students in Mrs. Schilling’s and Ms. Mohrweiss’s class learned techniques for gesture drawing.  Gesture drawings are quick sketches with little detail.  They work as a warm-up and prepare the artist for a more finished drawing.  We captured figures-in-motion with our gesture drawings.  Can you guess what activity the figures are doing by looking at the gesture drawings?

Mrs. Custer

VRES Self-portraits

K-6th grade students at VRES created self-portraits on the first day of art.  Ms. Lopez and I spelled out VRES with the square self-portraits but we still had extra squares!  We made extra banners to hang around the school and we hope you check those out too.

Can’t wait to meet the VRES families at Back to School night tonight!

Grade 4: Looking through a fishbowl

Fourth graders in Mrs. Hodges’ class created unique drawings of themselves looking through a fishbowl.  Students thought of composition and textures when deciding where to place the objects in the fishbowl.  I especially love how the portraits look distorted, or magnified, depicting an accurate representation of looking through water.

Thanks for viewing,

Mrs. Custer

Grade 4: Virginia Regions

Mrs. Hodge’s fourth grade class painted landcapes featuring a Virginia region.  We discussed how Virginia is made up of mountains, beaches, marshes, and plains.  Each student designed a composition of a region they’ve been to in Virginia or would like to visit.  I especially like how they practiced several painting techniques by filling in the foreground, middleground, and background.