We just wrapped up a challenging unit on stitchery! Stitchery in the elementary art room includes using several yarn/needle techniques on a piece of burlap, or in some cases- a loom. Second grade created a butterfly. Third graders made weavings on a cardboard loom. Fourth grade created circle weavings on a paper plate loom (not pictured). Fifth grade stitched animals on burlap. And sixth graders are still working hard on their coil baskets. I can’t wait to share images of those!!!!

Great job overcoming this difficult media!!


Grade 2: Neighborhood Paintings

Second graders discussed what they might find in a city and observed several images of cities around the world.  Then they drew detailed urban landscapes with crayons and used colorful watercolors on top.  This is called a watercolor resist.

The second graders put a lot of thought into their cities and it shows!  Great job!

Mrs. Custer

Second Grade: Urban Landscapes

Second graders used a variety of drawing techniques to create an urban landscape painting.  Students had fun drawing their cities and creating imaginative details.  Great job second grade!

Mrs. Custer

Grade 2: Family Portraits

Second grade students used crayon and coloring techniques to create a family portrait.  They learned the benefits of drawing large and coloring nicely.  I enjoyed watching them draw siblings and immediate family members – even their pets!  Great job second grade!

Mrs. Custer

VRES Self-portraits

K-6th grade students at VRES created self-portraits on the first day of art.  Ms. Lopez and I spelled out VRES with the square self-portraits but we still had extra squares!  We made extra banners to hang around the school and we hope you check those out too.

Can’t wait to meet the VRES families at Back to School night tonight!

Grade 2: Woodland Habitats

Second grade students in Ms. Howland’s class created habitat collages based on woodland creatures.  We discussed animals that live in the woods and students decided which to place in their cut-paper collage.  Some students used textured paper to create their collages.  Their choice of colors were exceptionally unique!

Mrs. Custer

Grade 2: My Family, My Neighborhood

Mrs. Howland’s class at Vienna Elementary used drawing and coloring techniques to create a family portrait composition.  I love how each family is different!