Grade 1: Bird Masks

First grade students created a bird mask using paper sculpture techniques.  We discussed how to turn paper into 3D forms just by cutting and folding shapes!  The first graders worked really hard making their masks unique and full of detail.  Do you like how a few of the birds are eating worms?

Mrs. Custer


Grade 1: A Family of Animals

First grade students used collage techniques to create a family of animals.  A collage is a picture made with cut-paper and glue, or as we like to say in the art room: “drawing with scissors.”  Students chose which animal family to feature in their collage.  We discussed how to use simple shapes like squares, ovals, circles, and rectangles to create an animal body. 

I especially enjoy how each collage is unique.

Mrs. Custer

VRES Self-portraits

K-6th grade students at VRES created self-portraits on the first day of art.  Ms. Lopez and I spelled out VRES with the square self-portraits but we still had extra squares!  We made extra banners to hang around the school and we hope you check those out too.

Can’t wait to meet the VRES families at Back to School night tonight!

1st Grade: A special family member

First graders at Vienna Elemenary created portraits of special people in their family.  The students used drawing techniques and facial proportions to draw their family member.  We added a colorful frame full of line, shape, and pattern to complete the composition.  Don’t they look great?

Grade 1: Animal Masks

Ms. Forman’s first grade class created paper sculpture masks of animals they would love to have as pets.  It was a challenge to cut, fold, and glue the three dimensional paper forms but the students did an excellent job with problem solving.