6th Grade Radial Designs


Sixth graders created radial designs that expressed a personal interest. Many chose symbols that represented their favorite season, sport, or subject in school but mostly they worked on using the principles of design to create radial balance. Nicely done sixth graders!



Kindergarten: When I grow up

I asked my kindergarteners, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and received several exciting answers.  Veterinarians, police officers, paleontologists, teachers, and Moms occupied the minds of my students.  They then drew a full-body self-portrait of their future selves.  We discussed the outfits or uniforms one might wear at work and each student considered the setting for their drawing.  I especially like how this project highlights the imaginations of Kindergarteners.  Great job!

Mrs. Custer

Grade 6: Tunnel Books

Sixth graders were asked the question, “If you could have a super power, what would it be?”  Then, they were asked to draw themselves as a super hero.  The results were extremely imaginative.

Once their super hero was drawn, the students crafted tunnel books from paper, dividing them into three parts: foreground, middleground, and background.  Students discussed several details they could add to their tunnel book such as the setting, or headquarters; a trusty sidekick; and a vehicle or mode of transportation.  Some students continued thinking outside the box and made very detailed tunnel books.

I especially enjoy how each tunnel book tells a story.  Great job sixth grade!

Mrs. Custer

Grade 5 Snowmen at Night

Fifth graders read the book “Snowmen at Night” by Mark & Caralyn Buehner.  They then used shading techniques to draw snowmen at night using chalk pastels.  Students used their fingers to blend some of the shadows.  I love how festive these turned out!  Great job 5th grade!

Mrs. Custer

Grade 4: Expressive Suns

The fourth graders drew expressive suns using warm and cool colors.  They blended the colors with oil pastels and were encouraged to design a background.  Their finished artworks became part of VRES’s fundraiser: Original Works.  I hope the students enjoyed their products!

Mrs. Custer

Grade 6: A special place

Sixth graders created a drawing of a place that is special to them.  They decided between oil pastels, crayons, or markers as their art medium.  Choosing the right art medium makes all the difference!  These were used as part of the school fundraiser.  Great job sixth graders!

Mrs. Custer

Second Grade: Urban Landscapes

Second graders used a variety of drawing techniques to create an urban landscape painting.  Students had fun drawing their cities and creating imaginative details.  Great job second grade!

Mrs. Custer

Grade 2: Family Portraits

Second grade students used crayon and coloring techniques to create a family portrait.  They learned the benefits of drawing large and coloring nicely.  I enjoyed watching them draw siblings and immediate family members – even their pets!  Great job second grade!

Mrs. Custer