Fifth Grade: Oceans

Fifth graders created ocean collages for the PTA fundraiser, “Original Works.”  They included a habitat for their ocean creatures in order to make their collages more interesting.  Stay tuned for your child’s artwork and order form to be sent home.


Grade 1: Bird Masks

First grade students created a bird mask using paper sculpture techniques.  We discussed how to turn paper into 3D forms just by cutting and folding shapes!  The first graders worked really hard making their masks unique and full of detail.  Do you like how a few of the birds are eating worms?

Mrs. Custer

Kindergarten: The Parts of my Face

Kindergarten students used collage techniques to create a self-portrait.  They learned how to cut geometric shapes: circles, ovals, squares, rectangles, and triangles for details and patterns.  I love their toothy grins!

Mrs. Custer

Grade 1: A Family of Animals

First grade students used collage techniques to create a family of animals.  A collage is a picture made with cut-paper and glue, or as we like to say in the art room: “drawing with scissors.”  Students chose which animal family to feature in their collage.  We discussed how to use simple shapes like squares, ovals, circles, and rectangles to create an animal body. 

I especially enjoy how each collage is unique.

Mrs. Custer

Grade 5: Global Cause Posters

Fifth grade students used two dimensional collage techniques to create a persuasive poster.  Their poster represents a current global issue that they support and care about. 

Great job fifth grade!

Mrs. Custer

Grade 2: Woodland Habitats

Second grade students in Ms. Howland’s class created habitat collages based on woodland creatures.  We discussed animals that live in the woods and students decided which to place in their cut-paper collage.  Some students used textured paper to create their collages.  Their choice of colors were exceptionally unique!

Mrs. Custer