Grade 2: Animal sculptures and habitats





Second graders sculpted animals using red clay. Notice the details and texture they carved using clay tools. Glazes give these sculptures extra shine.

Once fired, we placed the sculptures in a habitat designed by the students. Great job 2nd grade!!

Mrs. Custer


Grade 2: Animals in my community





Second graders painted animals found in their communities. We used 18×24″ bogus paper for these large, colorful paintings and discussed how paintings happen in layers- with details added last. I especially like how the second graders filled the papers with paint!

Mrs. Custer

Kindergarten: When I grow up

I asked my kindergarteners, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and received several exciting answers.  Veterinarians, police officers, paleontologists, teachers, and Moms occupied the minds of my students.  They then drew a full-body self-portrait of their future selves.  We discussed the outfits or uniforms one might wear at work and each student considered the setting for their drawing.  I especially like how this project highlights the imaginations of Kindergarteners.  Great job!

Mrs. Custer