Third Grade: Birds of Paradise

Third graders studied “Birds of Paradise” in the Art room.  We observed the colors and textures of several birds before drawing our own bird of paradise.  I like how the students drew their birds with elaborate designs and feathers.


Fifth Grade: Oceans

Fifth graders created ocean collages for the PTA fundraiser, “Original Works.”  They included a habitat for their ocean creatures in order to make their collages more interesting.  Stay tuned for your child’s artwork and order form to be sent home.

Kindergarten: Pinch pot Owls!

Kindergarten students learned 3D clay techniques to sculpt an owl.  The students first made a pinch pot with red clay.  Then they added eyes, a nose, and pinched the clay to form triangle ears.  They added texture and details using a paper clip.  The owls received a thin coat of glaze for shine.  Didn’t they do a great job?

Mrs. Custer

HomeART for the month of March

You have two options for this month’s homeART. You may complete both assignments OR choose one to turn in this month. Remember homeART is optional but it provides extra evidence when compiling art grades!

1. Draw a picture that describes a time you felt rrrrrreally lucky.

2. Create a work of art (2D or 3D), using only the color green.

Have fun,

Mrs. Custer