Second Grade: Urban Landscapes

Second graders used a variety of drawing techniques to create an urban landscape painting.  Students had fun drawing their cities and creating imaginative details.  Great job second grade!

Mrs. Custer


First Grade: Robots

First graders used line and shape to create a mixed-media Robot drawing.  I just love how unique each robot is.  Mrs. Thomas did a great job with the first graders!

4th Grade: Virginia Region Landscapes

4th_valand 4th_valand2 4th_valand3

Fourth graders created landscape paintings that represented a Virginia Region.  They studied the regions of Virginia in social studies class and then chose one region as the subject of their painting.   The regions are Blue Ridge, Piedmont, Applachian Plateau, Valley and Ridge, and Tidewater or Coastal Plains.  Can you guess which one they painted?

Great job fourth grade!

Mrs. Custer