Grade 1: Bird Masks

First grade students created a bird mask using paper sculpture techniques.  We discussed how to turn paper into 3D forms just by cutting and folding shapes!  The first graders worked really hard making their masks unique and full of detail.  Do you like how a few of the birds are eating worms?

Mrs. Custer


homeART results from weeks #5 and #6

The homeART from week five was to create a monster!!!  Here are a couple of submissions from Jessica N. in fifth grade and Erin A. in third:

For week six, students were asked to design a haunted house.  Here is Renee B.’s work:

Thank you for your participation!  The last homeART for the quarter is “free-choice” which means it is up to YOU to come up with an art idea.  Have fun!

Mrs. Custer

Grade 6: Linoleum Self-Portraits

Sixth grade students used linoleum cutting techniques to create a self-portrait print.  Aren’t they fabulous?!  They worked really hard on drawing themselves realistically and emphasized where shadows and highlights hit the face.  Here is a student carefully carving their linoleum:

Here is a student using a brayer for the printing process:

I think the sixth grade deserves a big pat on the back for tackling this medium.  It was a challenge but each student tried their best and completed successful projects.  Great job!

Mrs. Custer

Kindergarten Pumpkin patch

Kindergarten students used line, shape, and painting techniques to create their pumpkin composition.  We looked at real pumpkins and discussed their textures, forms, and color.  Some students mixed red and yellow to create their own orange, while others enhanced the shadow and highlights of their pumpkin.

These were completed on 12×12″ paper and then all were displayed in our school.  I especially love how each pumpkin is unique and expressive.  They really cheer me up as I walk down the hall!

Mrs. Custer

homeART post Hurricane Sandy!!

Sorry I didn’t post homeART for this week! I was away from my computer due to the unexpected time off from school. For this week’s homeART, students have “free choice!”  This means, they can draw or create ANYTHING that relates to art.  

Due on your designated art day or by Friday, Nov. 9.  

**All of the other homeART from first semester is due by this Friday, November 2nd.**** 

Grade 2: Family Portraits

Second grade students used crayon and coloring techniques to create a family portrait.  They learned the benefits of drawing large and coloring nicely.  I enjoyed watching them draw siblings and immediate family members – even their pets!  Great job second grade!

Mrs. Custer

Kindergarten: The Parts of my Face

Kindergarten students used collage techniques to create a self-portrait.  They learned how to cut geometric shapes: circles, ovals, squares, rectangles, and triangles for details and patterns.  I love their toothy grins!

Mrs. Custer

homeART assignment #5

For this week’s homeART assignment, create a monster!!  You can draw, paint, or use collage techniques to make your monster.  DUE: at your next art class OR by Friday, Oct. 19th.

Have fun!

Mrs. Custer