Grade 4: Looking through a fishbowl

Fourth graders in Mrs. Hodges’ class created unique drawings of themselves looking through a fishbowl.  Students thought of composition and textures when deciding where to place the objects in the fishbowl.  I especially love how the portraits look distorted, or magnified, depicting an accurate representation of looking through water.

Thanks for viewing,

Mrs. Custer


Grade 2: Woodland Habitats

Second grade students in Ms. Howland’s class created habitat collages based on woodland creatures.  We discussed animals that live in the woods and students decided which to place in their cut-paper collage.  Some students used textured paper to create their collages.  Their choice of colors were exceptionally unique!

Mrs. Custer

Grade 6: Linoleum-cut self-portraits

Sixth graders in Mr. Scesney’s class worked from an expressive photograph to create these fabulous linoleum block prints.  Students carved the negative space with linoleum cutters – making sure to carve safely.  They printed their linoleum blocks with acrylic ink on paper personally selected by the artist.  I think each print was a success and  showcased the artistic talent at Vienna Elementary.

Mrs. Custer