Grade 4: My only sunshine, you make me happy

Mrs. Hodges’ fourth grade class used markers, oil pastels, and colored pencils to create these one-of-a-kind sunshine designs.  We looked at sun designs from the CBS Sunday Morning news show for inspiration.  The students did a great job creating unique compositions.


Grade 6: Super You!

Mr. Scesney’s sixth grade class at Vienna Elementary School used drawing and coloring techniques to transform themselves into a super hero!

Grade 2: My Family, My Neighborhood

Mrs. Howland’s class at Vienna Elementary used drawing and coloring techniques to create a family portrait composition.  I love how each family is different!

Kindergarten: Self-portrait Collage

Ms. Munz’s Kindergarten Class at Vienna Elementary School created a self-portrait collage.  We practiced cutting out shapes in order to create these expressive portraits!